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Uzushio Electrical Coverage Map (Uzushio/Bemac)

We are proud associates of the Uzushio/Bemac organisation. Should a Uzushio product have problems in Southern African waters, either under or out of warranty, METS is contracted to repair the product on their behalf. In the words of Mr YAHARA Nobuyoshi, General Manager, Quality Assurance Department, " Ships have a life cycle of about 20 years. We are now manufacturing at the rate of about 150 ships a year, which means that about 3000 ships made by Uzushio are sailing now. These ships receive inspections at various parts of the world during their voyages, and it is unavoidable that they encounter various troubles. Our service network covering the world allows us to respond to the client's needs, from ordering to the after sales service……FAST! Please find a brief summary of Uzushio below.

Since its establishment in April 1946, Uzushio provides a variety of electrical equipment and incidental services as one of Japan's market leaders. They provide both customer-oriented electrical development, as well as electrical appliance manufacturing and fitting/design work for vessels and industrial plants. Uzushio has achieved ISO90001 Certification from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), an authority for the provision of management systems certification. In order to provide relevant service, anytime and anywhere, Uzushio covers the world with its maintenance network ensuring that a considerable amount of spare parts and skills are available at regional sites.

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